Beaumaris Beacons

What is Beaumaris Beacons?

Beaumaris Beacons is a new iPhone and iPad app that uses the latest iBeacon technology from Apple to give visitors an interactive and immersive experience of the historical town. As they walk around the town, visitors will see the contents of the app change automatically depending on their exact location. It does this by picking up data from individual beacons that have been placed in shops, restaurants, B&Bs and other organisations throughout the town.

App users can find out the latest boat trip times, restaurant specials and event details, They can also take advantage of offers/discounts which are exclusive to app users. Videos, games, before & after photographs of times gone by, 360 panoramas and historical stories further add to the enriched cultural experience.

Beaumaris Beacons, which is believed to be the first town deployment of iBeacon technology in the world, is now available to download from the Apple App Store.

Download the app to your device here.

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